Be winter ready

The temperature has started to drop, are you ready for the cold weather?

Please ensure that your PPE is in good condition and make sure you keep warm. Use welfare facilities, have warm drinks and more frequent rest breaks. Recognise the early symptoms of cold stress which include shivering, fatigue, loss of coordination and confusion and disorientation.

Prepare for driving in the changing weather conditions

Keep a winter emergency kit in your vehicle throughout winter. This includes a blanket, shovel, ice scraper and de-icer, torch and batteries, snacks (chocolate or cereal bars) and extra screenwash.

Recognise the early signs of cold stress

Obvious symptoms can include shivering, fatigue, loss of coordination, confusion and disorientation. Look out for these symptoms in yourself and your colleagues. If you suspect anyone to be suffering from cold stress, alert your supervisor and get them into a warm room. Make sure to remove any wet clothing, utilise blankets and warm beverages to raise their body temperature. If unconscious, call the emergency services.

Vehicle checks and guidance

  • No tread means no grip. Check your tyres condition, tread depth and pressure (including the spare, 1.6mm min depth).
  • Keep your windscreen, mirrors and lights clean.
  • Avoid a collision by giving yourself space; slippery roads increase stopping distance up to 10 times.
  • Keep your fuel tank near to full to ensure you do not run out.
  • Slow down in plenty of time before junctions and corners.
  • Plan and allow extra time for your journey.
  • Check your Vehicle and levels before setting off, make sure everything is in good working order, especially the lights.
  • Consider whether your journey is absolutely necessary if conditions are severe.

If you have any queries contact your line manager or the SHEQ team.

Inclement weather Risk Assessment

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Cold Weather Conditions:

Reminder :–

  • Fusion jointing of PE pipe & fittings should only be carried out when the air temperature is above –5oC.
  • Squeeze off of PE pipe shall only be carried out when the pipe temperature is at or above 0°C.

Consideration should also be given to the installation of temporary cap to cap straps in order to maintain network integrity and continuity of supply.

For further information, reference should be made to EB/149 – Advice on Fusion Jointing and Squeeze off of PE Pipe during Cold Inclement Weather and tRIIO BN 132 Correct Installation and use of Temporary Cap to Cap Strap Connections over Cap Ends on Routine Operations.