Frequently asked questions

What will happen if you find a problem with my internal pipework or appliances?

Occasionally when we test your internal pipework or appliances we may find an existing fault or a gas leak. As Cadent is not responsible for the maintenance of appliances or internal pipework, our engineer will advise you to contact a ‘Gas Safe’ registered installer. You can visit to find registered installers in your area. Alternatively, you can call our Helpline on 0800 371 782. You will have to pay for any repairs on internal pipe work or faulty appliances.

I cannot manage without a gas supply. Will you provide me with alternative cooking or heating facilities?

If you are elderly, disabled or chronically sick please contact our customer helpline 0800 096 5678 and we will provide you with alternative cooking and heating facilities. All gas suppliers must keep a register of customers who are of pensionable age, disabled or chronically sick. Please contact your supplier if you would like to add your name to this register. You can find the contact details at the top of your gas bill.

Will you need to dig up my driveway or garden?

Where possible we will insert the new gas service through the existing metal service, this reduces the need to dig in your garden or driveway. However, if we need to dig on your property we will reinstate the hole within five working days of the re-connection of your gas supply. We complete all reinstatement to a high standard but we cannot guarantee an exact match due to the nature of the reinstatement materials and the ageing process associated with them. Completion of reinstatement may be delayed where specialist materials are required i.e. printed concrete, coloured tarmac etc. We will replace or re-seed grass areas and flower beds if we disturb them (subject to the time of year).

Will there be holes all over the road?

We try to reduce the number of holes we need to dig by inserting the new plastic pipe inside the metallic main. All holes and trenches will be protected using cones, signs and barriers. Vehicle access to your property may be restricted but we will always maintain pedestrian access. During our works, it may be necessary to excavate on residents’ drives and crossovers. During this time, we may have to ask you to park away from your property. As a precaution we would ask car owners to make sure they are insured to park their car on the public highway. Crossovers/drop kerbs are classed as public reinstatement and will be treated as such regardless of whether a resident has paid the council to carry out previous work.

Do I have to pay for this work?

You do not have to pay for the work to replace the gas main, service pipe or to change the position of the meter. The work forms part of Cadent’s investment programme to ensure a safe and reliable gas supply network.

Who do I call if I smell gas?

You should always report a smell of gas even if our engineers are working on site. Call the National Gas Emergency Number free on 0800 111 999. This number is in operation seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

What if my property is either listed or in a conservation area?

If your property is a listed building, or within a conservation area, would you please advise us as a matter of urgency so the appropriate authorities can be contacted in advance of the works commencing.

How will I be affected if I do not use gas?

Regardless of whether you are a current gas user or not, entry may still be required to your premises in order to inspect any existing/redundant gas pipes.