Welcome to tRIIO’s MOP safety awareness campaign

Welcome to the tRIIO safety awareness campaign focusing on members of the public (MOP), which will run from Wednesday 2 December to Tuesday 8 December.

Our works are unique as they involve interaction with members of the public every day. The tRIIO contract operates over a wide and varying landscape, ranging from busy city centres to quiet rural areas. Each project raises specific challenges which must be planned for and controlled in order to ensure completion in the safest possible manner whilst causing minimal disruption and hazard to members of the public.

Despite all our efforts, injuries and incidents involving members of the public are continuing to occur at an unacceptable level. There have been nine incidents since April this year where a member of the public has been injured as a result of our works.

Throughout the week of our campaign, we will be highlighting a number of areas where members of the public come into contact with our works on a daily basis.

Please take time each day to watch the videos, each of which will concentrate on a different topic.

  • On day one we will be focusing on footway boards and kerb ramps.
  • On day two we will be looking at vulnerable members of the public who  must navigate our works.
  • Day three will be about the importance of photo logs and uploading them to the portal.
  • Day four will be looking at barriers and signage.

On day five we will be issuing a short survey for completion by site colleagues, to gather feedback and any information that could be used to improve safety measures on our sites.

We hope our campaign serves as a reminder of how vital it is to ensure the safety of members of the public at all times.

Remember, we work safely or not at all.

December 2015

Wed 2 Day 1

Footway boards and ramps

Thu 3 Day 2

Vulnerable members of the public navigating our works

Fri 4 Day 3

Photo logs and out-of-hours checks

Mon 7 Day 4

Barriers and signage

Tue 8 Day 5

Survey for site operatives