Our client

Cadent’s job is to connect customers to the gas they use – whether it’s homes or businesses. The company owns, runs and maintains four (of the eight) gas networks in England, ensuring that the pipes beneath the ground bring gas to customers’ properties safely and reliably. tRIIO works on Cadent’s East of England and North London networks.

Cadent has three main areas of responsibility

  • Fixing leaks and dealing with gas emergencies
  • Connecting new homes to the network
  • Upgrading old pipes to keep gas flowing

Working in partnership with Cadent, it’s tRIIO’s job to help deliver these.

Formerly known as National Grid Gas Distribution (NGGD), Cadent was launched on 1 May 2017, following the sale of NGGD to a consortium of businesses, which includes its former parent, National Grid plc.

For more information on Cadent go to www.cadentgas.com

Cadent Gas Ltd