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1. Compensation request

Compensation request

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– If you live in a block of flats, use gas and are registered as the bill payer, you may be eligible for compensation.

– For every complete 24 hours there is no gas to the building we will pay £60 per household.

– We will stop paying compensation once we get the gas back to the building even if we haven’t been able to get into your home to reconnect you.

– However we will do everything we can to get you back on gas quickly.

– The payment will be automatically processed once your supply is back on.

– If we have been able to confirm your details as the bill payer, we will send you a cheque through the post within 30 working days.

– If we have not been able to verify your details, we will send any payment to your gas supplier to pass on.

– Please complete the form below in order to expedite your compensation process.

Meter point reference number
Meter serial number

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